Vol 66, No 3 (2011)

Table of Contents


Introduction PDF (Italiano)
Redazione Aisf 175
Manifesto for Systemic Silviculture PDF (Italiano)
Redazione Aisf 177-180


Systemic silviculture: philosophical, epistemological and methodological aspects PDF (Italiano)
Orazio Ciancio 181-190
The forest as a complex biological system: theoritical and practical consequences PDF (Italiano)
Susanna Nocentini 191-196
Classic silviculture, local knowledge and systemic silviculture PDF (Italiano)
Francesco Iovino 197-202
International perspectives on the evolution of systemic silviculture PDF (Italiano)
Marco Marchetti 203-217
Systemic silviculture, adaptive management and forest monitoring perspectives PDF (Italiano)
Piermaria Corona, Roberto Scotti 219-224
Systemic silviculture and sustainable development PDF (Italiano)
Giuliano Menguzzato 225-228
Systemic silviculture and Mediterranean forest complexity: the need for a new paradigm in forestry PDF (Italiano)
Federico Maetzke 229-232
Managing complexity: a new challenge for forest planning PDF (Italiano)
Luigi Portoghesi 233-237
Forest fires and systemic silviculture PDF (Italiano)
Giovanni Bovio 239-243
Management plan of the Biogenetic Nature Reserve of Vallombrosa: first experiences in the implementation of systemic silviculture PDF (Italiano)
Luigi Bartolozzi, Giovanni Galipò 245-247
Forests as complex adaptive systems: implications for forest management and modelling PDF (Italiano)
Christian Messier, Klaus J. Puettmann 249-258