Legal definition of forest into Italian law

Alessandro Cerofolini


This article explains, in a clear and systematic way,the legal definition of forest in the Italian law system. After a brief historical analysis, the Author examines the definition of forest given by the state legislature with Article 2 of Legislative Decree May 18, 2001,n. 227, as amended by Article 26 of the Law n. 35, 4 April 2012, and compares it with some forest definitions in Regional laws. The concept of forest is discussed in relation to a brief review of the most recent laws and to a detailed analysis of the forest definition given by FAO (FRA 2000, FRA 2005 and FRA 2015), ISTAT, the Italian Academy of Forest Sciences and the Italian National Forest Inventory.


forest vegetation; forest definitions; Italian law system.

Full Text: PDF (Italiano)


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