Analysis of thinning intensity and harvesting damages in a recreational pine forest stand

Walter Mattioli, Leone Davide Mancini, Alice Angelini, Paolo Geraci, Paolo Merlini, Luigi Portoghesi


Management of recreational forests requires focused actions that give priority to the enjoyment of the users subordinating wood production to that goal. Even silvicultural treatments should be drawn with the main aim of increasing recreational value of forest. This papercritically examines the effects of a thinning performed on a periurban 50 years old calabrian pine stand (Pinus laricio Poiret), that has long been used as green area within the city of Viterbo. Thinning intensity, stem selection,damages caused to the released trees, the resulting effect on stand structure and on vegetation dynamics were assessed using as reference the attributes considered optimal for a recreational forest.


urban forest; calabrian pine; reforestation; thinning; recreational use

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