Amount and distribution of mineral elements in the above ground tree phytomass of an Eucalyptus occidentalis Endl. coppice in the Ionic coast of Calabria

Vittoria Mendicino, Giuliano Menguzzato, Michela Nocetti, Giovanni Tabacchi


The authors examine the silvicultural and dendro-auxometric characteristics of an Eucalyptus occidentalis (Endl.) coppice stand, at the end of the first agamic cycle, situated near Crotone on the Ionic coast of Calabria. Based on the analysis of sample trees harvested at rotation age the above-ground tree biomass tables have been elaborated. Biomass was divided into its components: stem and branches with minimum diameter of 3 cm, slash (tops and small branches with diameter up to 3 cm) and leaves. Moreover, a subsample of trees has been used to assess the macroelement (nitrogen,
phosphorus and potassium) and microelement (calcium, iron, zinc, manganese, boron and magnesium) content in the
various components of the above-ground phytomass. Data allowed us to evaluate the average contents of macro and microelements in the shoots and the entity of their removal as a consequence of coppicing.


biomass equations; biomass; eucalipt; macro-microelements.

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