Plant-animal interactions in forest plantations on abandoned agricultural land: preliminary results

Riziero Tiberi, Angela Niccoli, Tiziana Panzavolta


Research to assess the effects on fauna due to afforestation of abandoned agricultural land has been in progress since 1997. Bio-ecologica1 observations were carried out on insect pest infestations and presence and abundance of some birds and mammals in young naturally-oriented forest plantations in Tuscany and Latium. As regards the relationship between phytophagous and plants, the volatile secondary metabolites contained in needles of different Pinus species had been analysed and assayed in two pine stands to evaluate influence of some of these substances on the adult behaviour of Thaumetopocea pityocampa, one of the main pine pests in the Mediterranean area. Among the terpenes tested, limonene appeared the most effective in deterring the oviposition of Th. pityocampa females.


Plant-animal interactions; afforestation; abandoned agricultural land;

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