Eraclea Minoa (Sicily, Italy): archaeology, afforestation and tourism.

Mario Ciolli


The barren reality of the Capo Bianco headland was first presented to the author in the spring of 1958. On one side of this wilderness, were the remains of an ancient greek city, Eraclea Minoa, dispersed amongst the white sun, baked rocks and rough undergrowth. On the other side, were sand dunes which had gradually corroded the shore with strong sea breeze and waves. Thus, the idea of bringing Eraclea back to life was born, turning Capo Bianco into a fertile terrain, where pines and eucalyptus trees would brace the sand's progress. With the help and support of trained staff, one can now appreciate a greek amphitheatre imersed in a lush pine forest coasted by a sea fu11 of ancient cultures and battles to be told.


archaeology; afforestation; tourism; Eraclea Minoa (Sicily, Italy);

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