Forest plantation effects in arid zones of Sardinia (Italy): preliminary effects on vegetation

Livio Bianchi, Gianfranco Calamini, Enrico Gregori, Marco Paci, Simona Pallanza, Alberto Pierguidi, Fabio Salbitano, Andrea Tani, Stefano Vedele


In three sample areas of central Sardinia effects induced by forest plantation on soil and vegetation were investigated by the comparison between forested and nonforested («mediterranean macchia») sampled sites. Preliminary results on vegetation indicate:

1. total dry biomass values are higher in forested sites than in «macchia» ones; however in some cases «macchia» shows values comparable with forested areas;

2. biomass species diversity is higher in forested sites: expecially Quercus ilex natural regeneration seems to be promoted by forest plantation cover.


Forest plantation; arid zones; Sardinia (Italy);

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