Preliminary results on the reforestation techniques in the southern Sicily

Tommaso La Mantia, Donato Salvatore La Mela Veca, Marco Marchetti, Giuseppe Barbera


Southern Italy is affected by desertification processes as the whole Mediterranean basin. They are strictly linked to the degradation of forest and other wooded lands. Since the half of the last century broad reforestation and plantation efforts have been provided starting the rebuilding of a certain wooded area, especially in Sicily. Nowdays several pressure factors are increasing together with the need of increment forest in very difficult areas; developing of ad hoc tecniques are mandatory. Furthermore, the new multipurpose functions and the conservation of the biodiversity advice to start or facilitate with special attention the renaturalization activities in the present stands. This paper deals with the monitoring actions, in particular for the more recent plantations, for evaluating the compliance and effects of the adopted planting operations. An accurate analysis of the past experiences confirm that, a part from impossible generalizations, it would be opportune to plan a modular and various adoption of species, planting tecnique, management option.


desertification; reforestation; southern Sicily;

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