Ecologica1 and agronomic aspects of windbreaks along the jonic coast

Giovanni Pacucci, Giovanni Sanesi, Carlo Troccoli, Beniamino Leoni, Giuseppe Giglio


This paper reports the results of a research carried out on ecological and agronomic aspects of windbreaks on an area along the jonic sea coast. After a climatic analysis of the area, the influence of Eucalyptus sp.p., Cupressus sp.p., and Olea europea windbreak rows on avifauna and durum wheat yield was studied. The area is characterized by a high Climatic Water Deficit, a long dry period (may-september), a high ETo in summer months, and W, NW, and SE prevailing winds. The different environments (windbreaks and cultivated crops) influence the number of individuals and species of ornithic communities during the year. The Cupressus sp.p. rows is the environment that shows as average the higher abundance of individuals and species, and the more marked avifauna diversity both in summer and winter. The same windbreaks species, placed on NE-SW direction, influence positively the wheat yield for a distance of 60-80m.


desertification; windbreaks; jonic sea coast;

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