Activities of the European Union against forest fires

Lorenza Colletti


It has been recognised long time ago that fires represent a serious threat for the forests of the Community in relation to the ecologic, economic and social point of view, especially in the Southern Member States where they cyclically damage thousand hectares of forests and land. Although the Treaties of the European Union make no provision for a comprehensive common forest policy – it is mainly under national responsibility – since the Eighties the Community supported and contributed to the efforts of Member States in all the stages of forest fire fighting: prevention, suppression and restoration. Taking into account these different stages and perspectives it is so given an overview on the main activities developed by several Directorates of the European Commission in relation with forest fires. The most important tools implemented in coordination with Member States in order to face the problem are recalled and described. A special focus on prevention is also given.


forest fires; forest policy; prevention; coordination.

Full Text: PDF (Italiano)


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