Ecophysiological behaviour of hardwood species in renaturalization processes of coniferous plantations

Carmela M. D'Alessandro, Marco Borghetti, Antonio Saracino


Coniferous plantations may play a nurse effect for natural regeneration of nativehardwood species, which would otherwise be conditioned by intraspecific competitiondue to trees of the upper layers or be prevented by high radiation load of openenvironments.Regulation of canopy cover by means of thinning, generates temporary orpermanent variations of levels of irradiance in lower forest layers. These affect thecapability of recruitment and establishment and the ecophysiological behaviour ofnatural regeneration.Here we present a review of the notions on effects of relative irradiance variationson ecophysiological behaviour of native tree species in lower layers of mesophile andmeso-xerophile forests, giving some specific examples produced during the nationalproject PRIN 2003 FOR_BIO.


conifer plantations; renaturalization; native hardwoods; relative irradiance; ecophysiological behaviour.

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