Forest management and biological diversity: the Southern Tuscany Turkey oak coppices

Davide Melini


The paper discusses relationships among forestry activities and ecological processes in coppice stands of Southern Tuscany. In 55 plots, age, basal area, plant species richness, bird community richness, primary production at the ground level, have been estimated. We have identified the correlations among the main features of coppice structure and the biotic diversity parameters. Coppice clearcuts determine an increase in primary production at the ground level, but the number of canopy ecological niches decreases. Herbs and shrubs take advantage. The clearcut conditions are unfavorable for ancient forest plant species group. In coppiced woodlands, the conservation of biotic diversity requires different actions at landscape scale, including the conservation and the formation of adult forests.


Forest management; coppice; biological diversity conservation; forest landscape.

Full Text: PDF (Italiano)


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