Dendrochronological note on linden trees in S. Lugano (Bolzano, Italy)

Mauro Bernabei, Claudio Pollini


Few xylochronological studies have been carried out on linden trees. The particular anatomic structure of the wood and its radial growth characteristics sometimes lead to the formation of rings that cannot readily be identified. In this project, the classic techniques of dendrochronology were used to shed light on the actual life spans of two linden trees of significant local historical interest. A 245-year chronology was created that synchronizes well with the chronologies of larch and Cembra pine in the same area. The development of the linden chronology required a careful study of the anatomy of the wood and of the peculiar growth characteristics of this species, especially in diseased or unhealthy specimens. The chronology enabled the events that affected the lives of the two trees to be partially reconstructed.


wood anatomy; radial growth; linden chronology

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