Silviculture: biodiversity, genetic resources, protected areas and fauna

Raffaello Giannini, Susanna Nocentini


The Authors synthesize the main themes discussed in the Session “Silviculture,
biodiversity, genetic resources, protected areas, and fauna” of the Third Italian National
Congress of Silviculture. Attention was focused on genetic variability of forest trees,
criteria and indicators for forest biodiversity monitoring, forest habitat fragmentation,
forest recolonization of pastures and open areas, forest type classification, renaturalization
of simplified forest systems, in particular plantations, forest management systems based
on traditional local knowledge, characterization and management of Natura 2000 forest
habitats, forest management in National Parks, relationship between silviculture and
wild ungulates. The Authors conclude that forest biodiversity conservation must take into
account both the complexity of forest ecosystems and of their interactions with the social,
economic and cultural environment.


genetic variability; deadwood; complex biological systems; renaturalization; wild ungulates

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