Silviculture: forest products, certification and wood chain in Italy

Piermaria Corona, Stefano Berti


Silviculture: forest products, certification and wood chain in Italy This paper outlines the potential and critical issues of forest production in Italy, according to recent forest statistics (Italian National Institute of Statistics and Italian National Forest Inventory) and to the findings from the Third Italian National Congress of Silviculture. There is currently a growing interest towards forest products which meet sustainability goals through reduced impact on the forest ecosystems, improvement of human well being and a strong link to the territory; this concerns notably the demand for: wood as an optimal material for sustainable building; non-wood products; wood biomass for energy use. Indeed, sustainable forest management is not in conflict with a productive use of forestland, without which abandonment and land neglection could further occur. To meet these new societal demands through a viable and sustainable use of forest resources is a true challenge; forest owners must be supported in this regard, to supply a variety of forest goods and services while maintaining economic viability. To this end operative strategies are outlined.


sustainable forest management; wood products; non-wood products; ecosystem services; market of forest products and services.

Full Text: PDF (Italiano)


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