Forest-wood supply chain in Calabria (Italy)

Andrea Rosario Proto, Giuseppe Zimbalatti, Nazareno Teti


The present study provides an important review of wood chain in Calabria. In particular, the research analyses the latest forest inventory data, and compares different studies carried out in Calabria on forest mechanization and timber processing. After describing the areas, the productive potentialities and service conditions of forest, the main working systems adopted in the wood for typical utilizations in Calabria have been examined, highlighting the most important aspects in the framework of firewood. Indeed Calabria, in a few years, has experienced an increment in the amount of machines and specific equipments for energy sector with a consequent rise in mechanization level in some situations. In the same region, there are five wood biomass electric power plants. Other plants for electric energy production from biomass are under construction. The existing plants have an annual consumption of about one million tons of woodchips from agro forest supply, and are really influencing the timber-energy chain. This new economic issue, together with wood multi-functionality, can promote new employment through an adequate forest planning aiming to preserve and develop in a sustainable way the whole Calabrian territory.


forest-wood supply chain; mechanization; forest biomass.

Full Text: PDF (Italiano)


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