Stand structure attributes in potential Old-Growth Forests in the Apennines, Italy

Gianfranco Calamini, Alberto Maltoni, Davide Travaglini, Francesco Iovino, Antonino Nicolaci, Giuliano Menguzzato, Piermaria Corona, Barbara Ferrari, Daniele Di Santo, Gherardo Chirici, Fabio Lombardi


The considered parameters are compared with those reported for other European countries. Old growth features and characteristics of each indicator should be revised and referred to the particular climatic and biogeographic context. The chosen forest study sites are to be considered old if related to common Apennine stands but, in some cases, their development stage is not so close to “truly” Old Growth Forest. Permanent plots allow future investigations on dynamic processes leading to real Old Growth Mediterranean Forests in Italian Apennines


Old-Growth Forests; unmanaged Mediterranean forests; structural attributes; sustainable forest management.

Full Text: PDF (Italiano)


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