The new macroeconomic framework of the forest accounts in Italy: the implementation of the IEEAF and ATECO 2007

Domenico Ciaccia, Fabio Boncinelli, Edoardo Pizzoli


Some innovations introduced by the new statistical classification of economic activities (NACE Rev. 2) and the new economic accounting framework for forestry (IEEAF) will result in a meaningful change in the macroeconomic structure of forestry. In particular, these innovations include the introduction of new accounts which should be measured by an appropriate approach to provide a complete and accurate structure of this sector. The main difficulty is the valuation of standing timber since the information necessary for a direct estimate are not available. Therefore an indirect methodology should be implemented for estimating the value of standing timber. The full introduction of these features shows that forestry has a greater weight in the national economy but at the same time shows the inability of forestry to generate adequate income


economic accounts for forestry; integrated environmental accounting for forestry; NACE

Full Text: PDF (Italiano)


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