Forest, trees, externalities and ecosystem services

Antonio Tomao, Francesco Carbone, Marco Marchetti, Giovanni Santopuoli, Carmine Angelaccio, Mariagrazia Agrimi


It is widely recognized the potential of forest ecosystems to produce, in addition to woody biomass, a variety of goods and services, the so called ecosystem services, defined as “multiple benefits provided by ecosystems to humankind”. In the process of forest and landscape planning, following the principles of sustainable forest management, their assessment may become a suitable information. Although there are various methods to quantify their economic value, cases ensuring direct remuneration in favour of forestry farms are relatively rare. Benefits are most recurrently prerogative of third parties. In general, even in Italy, except for a few concrete examples, these markets are still undeveloped. Enhancing ecosystem services requires operational strategies of forest management oriented towards an adaptive approach.


ecosystem services; payments for ecosystem services; sustainable forest management

Full Text: PDF (Italiano)


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