The Forest Consortium of the Cerbaie territory and the forest-wood-energy chain.Actions for an associated and sustainable managementof the forest resource

Francesco Drosera, Sergio Mottola


The Forest Consortium of the Cerbaie territory, founded according to the Forest Act of Tuscany (Regional Law 21/03/2000, no. 39), is the first of its kind in the provincial territory of Pisa, created to manage large wooded areas in an integrated and sustainable way, proposing a development model which is attentive to socio-economic aspects and to environmental problems. The Provincia di Pisa, through its Rural Politics Office, as well as promoting the institution of the Forest Consortium of the Cerbaie, has, through the BIOMASS project, activated a series which can both generate interest in the newly-formed Consortium and fill the gaps in the discovery and planning necessary for correct forest management and for the improvement of the use of the wood coming from this management. Today, the forest-wood-energy chain represents, within the associated forest management, a key point thanks to which the overlapping of the socio-economic improvement of forest territory and the implementation of strategies for the protection of the environment can be found. The aim is to create efficient projects capable, therefore, of developing in a sustainable manner the increasingly large areas which require, today more than ever, a vision of togetherness.


the forest consortium of the cerbaie territory; the forest-wood-energy; the BIOMASS project; the associated forest management; sustainability.

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