Molise Region (Italy) – Agriculture and forestry sectors: their contributions to the energy regional plan

Nicola Pavone, Eliseo Antonini, Valter Francescato, Marino Berton, Roberto Tognetti, Claudia Cocozza, Bruno Lasserre, Nicola Iannarelli, Marina Vitullo, Anna Del Riccio, Marco Marchetti


Biomass will play a crucial role in reaching the renewable energy targets in 2020. According to the national Renewable Energy Action Plans (nREAPs), total expected contribution of bioenergy in 2020 will reach 138.5 Mtoe compared to 93.8 Mtoe in 2010. According to the nREAPs, biomass for heat will represent 85.8 Mtoe by 2020. Main heat markets (biomass for households, district heating) are expected to be in germany, Italy, UK and Sweden (AEbIoM). In this wider scenario, a working group coordinated by the Molise Region has carried out a survey plan on the main agricultural and forestry energies sectors, like firewood, woodchips, wood pellet, biogas and pure plant oil.


firewood; woodchips; pellet; olive-cake; olive kernel; modern wood boilers; biomass; energetic planning.

Full Text: PDF (Italiano)


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