Spatially explicit estimation of potential production of biomass for energy from forest and agricultural lands: the case study of the Molise Region (Italy)

Vittorio Garfì, Bruno Lasserre, Gherardo Chirici, Daniela Tonti, Marco Ottaviano, Nicola Puletti, Caterina Palombo, Marco Marchetti


This paper focuses on the assessment of the potential production of woody biomass for energy from forest and agricultural lands trough an innovative methodology based on sustainable use of the resource. The analysis was performed at two different geographic scales: the first at national level and the second one at regional level, based on more precise data, with results aggregated at municipality level. The common characteristics of the analysis is the application of constraints to biomass production related to morphological, technical-structural and managerial characteristics of the studied area and the implementation of a criteria to ensure sustainable management of forest resources based on the concept of a minimum growing stock.


biomass; energy; sustainability; spatial estimation models.

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