Problems and potential of the constraint "high vegetation interest" for the protection of forest ecosystems

Francesco Carbone


Compensation is due to forest landowners if special constraints (hard constraints) have been introduced for the protection of high environmental areas, instead of conformative constraint (soft constraint). This is the case of regional law 43/1974 adopted by Lazio Region (Italy) for protecting forests with relevant environmental value.This article reports on effectiveness and efficiency of this law, which has come into effect since more than thirty years. Despite the undoubted relevant value of the environmental aims, unfortunately, some weaknesses have influenced negatively the results obtained in some regional forest ecosystems. The Author briefly presents the conclusion of a multidisciplinary research. In the perspective of a possible use of forest indemnity as payments for environmental services (PES), the conclusion describes what are possible corrections for abetter use of it.


forest constraint; forest indemnity; forest policy; economic impacts.

Full Text: PDF (Italiano)


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