Aleppo pine in arboricolture for wood production in Mediterranean environment. The Mazzone Farm (Cosenza) case study

Francesca Gentile, Vittoria Mendicino, Giuliano Menguzzato, Luca Pelle


Forest plantations can significantly contribute to the recovery of marginal agricultural lands and to the increase of biomass production, at the same time playing an important role in improving soil conditions and creating interruptions in agricultural landscapes. Forest species cultivation for wood production creates an agronomic type bio-ecological system, characterized by intensive cultivation algorithms and by the reversibility of the forest production cycle.
This paper analyzes a forest plantation for wood production in a Mediterranean type environment at the farm scale; the stand was planted in the ’80s in the Mazzone Farm located in the Alto Ionio Cosentino (Calabria). Results at the end of the first rotation are analyzed.


afforestation; arboriculture; Aleppo pine; biomass; yield.

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