Woodcock: migratory bird hard to manage

Paolo Casanova, Anna Memoli


The woodcock is a typical wood inhabitant, which nests chiefly in northern Europe (taiga) and in the months of October-November migrates towards the Mediterranean basin. It will leave from here in March to go back to its original home.
Our peninsula, particularly considering the areas of the Mediterranean bush, lodges many populations of this species, which stop here both to hibernate or to stay shortly if the migratory flight will lead them southward to North Africa.
In any case, forest management is a very important element which allows the woodcock to find the necessary food, thus decreasing the mortality levels connected with the migratory flights and due to an excessive surrounding resistance.
Moreover, the authors point out that proper forest management is the basis not only for a good survival rate of
the real population, but also for a good reproductive result in the next spring.


woodcock; management; Scolopax rusticola; forest.

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