Forest management planning tools at different levels in Italy. 1st part: Forest planning at National and Regional levels

Sebastiano Cullotta, Federico Maetzke


This paper examines the current situation of forest planning tools and their application at different levels in Italy.
Starting from the international EU law, Authors review the forest acts that drove to the National Forest Plan and
towards smaller scale to the regional and management plan level. The connection between forest plan and town plan are examined too, as far as connection and mutual relationships with other environmental and territorial planning tools. A new proposal of integrated plan at local level is also presented for forest management, in order to satisfy the need of a new systematic holistic approach to the problem of the correct relationship between man and forest. This first contribution regards the general outline of the item, the regulatory framework of forest laws and the national and regional state of the art of forest planning.


Forest Management; National Forest Programme; Regional Forest Programme; Forest Management Plan.

Full Text: PDF (Italiano)


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