Forest management plan and rules in Latium Region

Lucia Cavagnuolo, Pierluca Gaglioppa, Antonio Zani


The preparation of Lazio Regional Forest Plan has been an important opportunity for an in-depth examination of the existing situation of the woods in the area, and for their planning in the Region.328 On the occasion of the compilation of this planning document, it is necessary to have a better definition of the Regional legislation, together with better opportunities to discuss the crucial matters. This article examines the present situation of the planning, in force and on approval, considering its juridical nature and the existing indenture regime; it has been moreover analyzed its trend and the data has been compared with the one referring with the conservation of the territory and the preservation of the biodiversities (AANNPP and Rete Natura 2000)


forest; planning; management; sustainable development

Full Text: PDF (Italiano)


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