Experimental anayisis of the relationship between fire behaviour and biomass in fuel break management

Davide Ascoli, Giovanni Bovio, Riccardo Ceccato, Raffaella Marzano


A series of experimental fires (625-4000 m2) was lit in the Natural Reserve of Vauda, Piemonte Region, Italy, in
order to study fuel load effects on fire spread (ROS), fireline intensity (I) and radiant heat flux (Q). The model showed how ROS increased with increasing fuel load. Limit values for manual fire suppression of Q (2 kW/m2), I (550 kW/m), ROS (5 m/min) and fuel load (4 t/ha) have been identified. Conclusions about fuel load assessment and biomass energetic opportunities in fuel break management are given.


fire behavior; fuel load; direct fire suppression; fuel break.

Full Text: PDF (Italiano)


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