Biomass production and riparian forest vegetation management

Francesco Baronti, Livio Bianchi, Gianfranco Calamini, Leonardo Guarnieri, Alberto Maltoni, Marco Paci, Federico Preti, Fabio Salbitano, Andrea Tani


The paper deals with the evaluation of the potential production of woody biomass outcoming from the silvicultural management of riparian vegetation. The study was carried out in the basin of Ripopolo river, (in the territory of the Park of Montioni (LI). The interactions between stand structure and stream run off was performed in order to identify applied vegetation treatments oriented to harmonise land form, hydraulic and vegetation characteristics. The results allowed to model the quantity and the characteristics of woody biomass that can be exploited as well as the rotation timing according to a sustainable silvicultural system.
The study highlights some innovative concepts on sustainable management of forests resources and land protection from erosion and floods based on the critical revision of traditional methods of exploitation and proposes a multi-purpose vision of the management systems of riparian vegetation.



biomass; riparian vegetation; sustainable management.

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