Propedeutical study for the drafting of a forest management plan forest Tardara, cork oak forest pure in the mucipality of Tusa (Messina)

Irene Dipollina, Federico Maetzke, Deborah Naro


Sicily is the second region of Italy, after Sardinia, for the extension of natural formations of Quercus suber (L.). Cork forests, more or less degraded whose quality status is lacking because of the frequent fires, excessive grazing and lack of adequate cultural care, are present in all the provinces, certainly among all the causes the main one is the absence of planning. From this premise surfaces the need to know and govern in a congruous way this study case of a Sicilian wooded area through the drafting of Forest Management Plans, aiming at the restoration of efficiency, functionality and, in particular, of the sustainable production of cork from oak woods. The present paper describes the results of the preparatory studies carried out to lay the foundation of a Forest Management Plan for the Tardara forest


forest management plan; cork; production chain

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