Coastal reforestation in Calabria: improvement and conservation

Francesco Iovino, Carlo Galiano, Antonino Nicolaci, Vincenzo Perrone, Salvatore Spanò


As in other Italian regions, the reforestation in Calabria involved not only the mountain basins, but also the coastal areas in the 20th century. Their implementation was the precondition for the agricultural use of the soils, which were the most abundant part of the irrigated activities. Our work examined in detail, based on the expert reports and original projects procured in the registries of the Institutions that executed the works at that time, two of the coastal strips involved by this process, which are representative for environmental conditions, adopted techniques, and reforestation characteristics. The analysis of the different scenarios through the verification of current situations, approximately 60 years after their realization, highlights the achieved results, and allows us to outline interventions for the improvement and conservation of these ecosystems that have a protective and landscape-cultural value.


reforestation; silviculture; landscape recovery coastal ecosystems; biodiversity

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