Some thoughts on landscape and natural values after the Vaia storm

Cesare Lasen


The storm that hit the Dolomite area at the end of October 2018 has opened, once the emergency was over, a debate among experts of different disciplines. The focus was on the ecological, ethical and social centrality of natural values, often marginalized and sometimes simply associated or even confused with landscape values. Protected areas and red lists are particularly effective means for biodiversity protection. The changes triggered by the opening of wide clearings will foster the start of ecological successions, where some plant communities (i.e. Epilobietea angustifolii, Mulgedio-Aconitetea) will assume a predominant role. It is a good opportunity for the preparation of monitoring plans to carry out fact-finding surveys and orient any potential silvicultural action in the direction of a natural approach and better ecosystem functionality.


Vaia storm; natural values; vegetation series; protected areas; red lists

Full Text: PDF (Italiano)


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