Remarks concerning the “updated” reading of article 108 of the Royal Decree-Law n. 3267/1923

Gianpiero Andreatta


The Royal Decree-Law n. 3267 of 30 December 1923 represents a fundamental regulatory measure for the hydrogeological protection of land and management of forest stands. Almost a hundred years after its enactment, the socio-economic contexts and the ways of managing the territory and wooded land have changed considerably. Within this framework, an "updated" reading of article 108 of R.D.L. 3267/1923 is proposed, which refers to the "special agency for state-owned forests" entrusted with the task – pursued through property expansion  – to form wood reserves for the country's needs and to constitute a management model for forest holders. The initial objectives can be reconsidered today with major significance and importance: promoting an increase in publicly owned areas (state, regional and provincial), counteracting the pulverization and fragmentation of forest property, often linked to abandonment of forest stands, as well as preserving large wooded areas from possible excessive exploitation; considering state-owned forests as biodiversity and biocomplexity reserves, carbon storage tanks and sources of wealth, environmental goods and services that can be used by the community; setting up and carrying out an exemplary management for state forest stands, considering them complex biological systems.


R.D.L. 3267/1923; articolo 108; demanio forestale; funzioni attuali

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