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Advertising, its Importance and Major Forms of Advertising Activities in Dubai

What is an example of an advertisement Lamont Sayre (2020-02-19)

Advertising is basically a form of communication or any other activity used for the purpose of creation of awareness among the people regarding something, normally a product or service. It basically works by persuading people to continue their current action or to take some new action. This act of persuasion is known as Advertising. The most common type of this persuasion is in the context of the consumer behavior regarding the use and purchasing of a product however other forms of advertising for social and political purposes are conducted as well. This activity of advertisement also helps a company in growing as well as assuring the shareholders and employees of the company regarding the financial viability of the company.

Dubai is a huge metropolitan city consisting of offices and businesses from all over the world. Some of these businesses are successful and huge behemoths of the world of business. Due to the friendly environment for businesses such as incentives by the government and tax free zoning, Dubai has become a favorite spots for businesses to operate in. Also it is easier to find cheap labor and employees in the city of Dubai as Dubai is the city with the worlds largest immigrant population. Due to all these factors, a lot of companies have moved into Dubai and due to the introduction of so many new businesses in the city, the competition between them has increased. Advertising and marketing have become one of the prime activity for these businesses as these businesses want to increase their sales at a rapid pace and want to gain a good enough market share in the market of Dubai. All of these have boosted the business of advertising Dubai agencies.

All of these factors have resulted in the operation of many new marketing agencies in dubai as it has become the key component of business activities. The primary ways of advertising and marketing in Dubai include the use of highway sign boards. This is helpful and effective as most of the people travelling around UAE prefer to travel through highways and roads and therefore it acts as a cheap and effective way of creating product awareness among people. Since a lot of bridges are being constructed in Dubai nowadays, the bridges signs have also become a source of advertisement as anyone travelling through the road is at least going to get an eye on these boards. Other common forms of advertisement include use of taxi and bus ads as well as through radio and magazines however since radio and magazines are in modern times arent as popular as they used to be among people therefore use of television as a form of advertising is a more effective way than these two.

There are a lot of advertising and marketing agencies operating in the city of Dubai. BuzyBeez Advertising agency, Mr. H advertising agency, Prism advertising and web designing services, Tonic communication and Young and 카지노사이트순위 Rabicam are the names of the agencies that are included among the top 10 advertising agency of Dubai.

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