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What made Nintendo fans love the 3DS? Cassandra Ruggiero (2020-02-18)

2 weeks agodo now what is love

love is life

love is we can't live without love

we love how most for us

do now what is love

love is life

love is we can't live without love

we lovewho most for us

that people who love us and who we love that people who most love us

Why do you love yogurt?
There is no explanation for an opinion.

Strongest explanation of the word love?
Strongest explanation of the word love is a feeling of strong attachment induced by that which delights or commands admiration; preeminent kindness or devotion to another; affection; tenderness; as, the love of brothers and sisters.

Why does she love you?
With all of the technology and advancements in the world, there is still no explanation for love. Maybe you are destined to love her back, but there is unrequited love, so there is no telling in that.

What is the scientific explanation why do girls fall in love when you give them flowers and chocolates?
There's no "scientific explanation" for that, at least partly because it doesn't happen.

What are the explanation in section 11 of bill of rights?
its a right to love chocolate

Where does the term love come from in tennis?
This is directly from the website tennis.lifetips: "In tennis scoring love means nothing, hence love-thirty is 0-30. A common (but unproven) explanation for the term "love" to signify a score of zero is that it originates from the French term "l'oeuf." Another explanation is based on the idea that to do something for love is to do something for nothing (zero)."

What is the explanation of peace and joy from forty acres and maybe a mule?
:I love the explanation of peace and joy. It's pretty." Pascal said. (Page 13.)

What do you do when you love someone but can not stand his child?
Without a better explanation no comment can do any good.

How does a 15-year-old know when they are in love?
If you say that you love the person after 2 days, then no. You will know when it hits you. There is no explanation because everyone feels love differently.

Answer for there is no such thing as love?
If you answer this question base on scientific explanation this could be right. Love is an emotion and without scientific evidence in how this "love" exists, it can be concluded that there is no such thing as "love". Love cannot be measured or quantified, deffirentiate, classified. Love is intangible, it is an emotion, feelings of living creatures.

Does first time love making delay the next date of periods?
No; pregnancy is a more likely explanation.

Why cant Muslim men tell you they love you and miss you Please just an explanation?
thay do but in there own way

What is the best explanation of the term philosophy?
It translates from the Greek as 'love of wisdom' and its practicioners were searchers for reasoned facts.

Why can't i fall in love?
Don't worry about it. No-one knows how love works. There are plenty of ideas and thories, but none can provide a definite explanation to why, how and what you fall in love with. Think about this idea: "The longer you have without false love, the more enevitable that true love will occur.

Teenage love is it true please i need the answer from an expert or a psychologist?
Love comes in many different forms. it comes in teenage form, adult form, and children form. Everyone can love. But in my opinion, love is such a strong emotion that there is no explanation or answer to it. It's an amazing thing

What is the best explanation of the first four lines of this poem let you not to the marriage of true minds?
real love endures conflicts

What is the scientific explanation why do girls fall in love when you give them flowers?
Girls fall in love because flowers are beautiful and signifies if a man gives you flowers, he thinks your beautiful, and girls adore that.

Why does a man say they love a woman so quickly then reject her just as quickly without explanation?
The word LOVE generally holds less meaning for a man, especially the men that use it liberally.

When Christians say Jesus loves you is that some losers way of saying that some dead guy has a thing for you?
Greek has four words that we translate as "love." One of these words is agape, which means a self-giving love. That is different from eros, which is sexual desire, and is another word for "love." In your proposed explanation, I think you have in mind eros, but that is not what is meant here. A fair explanation of agape love is the idealism of a soldier who goes off to fight for his country, because...

What is a sentence with the word explanation?
we did not have any explanation for the cause. explanation was asked by people of rome.

What explanation for Do what makes you happy be with whom makes you smile laugh as much as you breathe love as long as you live?
I think it was a George Carlen Quote

What explanation does Lennie give for crooks coming into his room?
Lennie tells Crooks that people were stepping on Javiersito, but afterall it was all peace and love.

What do people get from their religion?
Love, hope, life lessons, guidance, comfort, reassurance, answers, explanation, wisdom, understanding, mercy, forgiveness, etc.

Is 'Us performers love theater' good grammar?
No, "We performers" is better. "Us" is an object, as in "She gave us a brief explanation."

My Girlfriend doesn't say i love you back?
This is definitely because she loves you so much she can't even bring herself to say it. There is no other explanation.

What is the scientific explanation for being in love?
rituals and activity involved with procreation create attachment between male and female to protect the offspring and ensure reproduction

What is the explanation for the metaphor the love of money is the root of all evil?
People do stupid and evil things for money. Many/ most crimes are related to money.

Is Jacob Black a retard?
He sure is, what other explanation would there be for someone thinking that they're a giant wolf and then falling in love with a new born baby?

What is the song one time about?
It is about being in love. How in one time soo many things can happen. But in Justin Bieber's song he says " imma tell you one time" meaning he wants to be in love. srry if my explanation is confusing!

What is a rhetorical explanation?
An explanation that was not asked for.

How do you get over an affair where you both loved each other but I am married and he was not so he moved on after 3 years without an explanation?
If you really love him then you should go research him in the white pages but if your not sure and dont want to stuff up your relationship that you have now then leave it cause who do you love better the guy that loves you and is your husband?? Or the guy that 'loved' you and moved on without an explanation?? Your choice. Give me an answer on my board Askmeimsmart

How do you spell explanation?
It is spelled correctly - explanation. That is the correct spelling of the noun "explanation" (from verb to explain).

Why are people afraid of love?
Well take it from someone who's been in alot of relationships some people are afraid of love because they don't want to gett hurt if they get broken up with that's probably the most logical explanation

Why does the zero in tennis score called love?
People still aren't sure. One explanation is that it comes from the French l'oeuf, 'the egg', representing the shape of a 0.

What was the explanation of the crusades?
The explanation is big butts

What is a medical explanation?
It is an explanation for something in medical terms. Ex: explanation for 카지노사이트순위 a rash could possibly be exema

When an explanation has been supported by many experiments the explanation is a?
The explanation supported by many experiments is called scientific theory.

Is the noun explanation a count noun?
The noun explanation is a count noun; there may be one explanation or several explanations.

A slanting device clothed as an explanation?
Rhetorical Explanation.

What is a supporting explanation?
An explanation to help prove something.

What is the adjective of explanation?
explanation = noun explanatory = adjective

A sentence with the word explanation?
I'm still trying to come up with a good explanation for this question... I would like an explanation, please. The explanation given was unclear to others, as well. Another answer - We waited somewhat patiently for a reasonable explanation for the behavior of his children.

Who said Those who believe no explanation is necessary those who do not believe no explanation is possible?
"To one who has faith, no explanation is necessary. To one without faith, no explanation is possible." ― St. Thomas Aquinas

What is the scientific explanation for existence of angels?
Science and spiritualism are not good bedfellows. It is hard (if not impossible) to measure existence of spirit beings or angels. Electronic field meters can be affected by too many natural phenomena to be called a scientific explanation. P.S. I'm a believer, I would love to prove the existence of angels.

Is an explanation the same as an answer?
i believe no, because an explanation gives you more in-depth information. basically, an explanation is something that explains why an answer is the answer. got it?

What happens if you're served child custody court papers with no court date?
Contact or visit the court for an explanation. Contact or visit the court for an explanation. Contact or visit the court for an explanation. Contact or visit the court for an explanation.

Contoh text explanation?
give me another explanation text

What is An observation that contradicts your explanation?
That would depend on your observations and your explanation.

How do you put explanation in a sentence?
my explanation was i skived off school

What does universal explanation mean?
a spiritual explanation that comes from the universe

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