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What is a good advertisement slogan for a diamond

Antonym for advertisement Brigida Stenhouse (2020-02-16)

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What is a slogan and a logo?
A slogan is a saying of advertisement and a logo is a sign of advertisement.

Which company slogan is its good to play together?
Microsoft has used this in the advertisement of the XBox.

What is good slogan for an advertisement project about the planet Mercury?
"Mercury... getting even closer to the Sun!"

Give you a slogan on gumboots?
give me an advertisement slogan on gumboots

What is a good slogan about the diamond jubilee?
What shine in your brain......(what diamonds)

What is the best slogan for car care center?
i need only slogan for advertisement

What is diamond bank slogan?
quel est la slogan de diamond bank

What is a good catching slogan for Martin Luther King Jr cereal advertisement?
None. This is really not appropriate for Dr.King. I know you can think of something better.

What is zales slogan?
The slogan is "Zales: The Diamond Store."

What could be Cleopatras slogan which is also known as an advertisement?
queen of the nile

What was Theodore Roosevelts slogan advertisement?
Speak softly and carry a big stick.

What is a slogan for a refigerator advertisement?
Fridge plus-- we all like a cool deal!

Need a slogan for a wagon advertisement?
Swagger Wagon! have you ever seen that commercial: it is hilarious!!

What advertisement had the slogan Naughty but nice?
i may not be correct but i swear it was the malteasers advert on tv! it was actually an advertisement for cream cakes from the milk marketing board in the mid seventies

Hindi slogan for gems and diamond company?
Slogans on diamond in hindi?

What is an easy-to-remember phrase used in advertisement called?
A motto or slogan is used by advertisers.

What is the song called in the dfs advertisement?
WE by Neil Diamond

Is advertisement slogan trademark or copyright or both?
Since names, titles, and common words/phrases are not eligible for copyright protection an advertising slogan could only be registered as a trademark.

What had the slogan the detifrice made for dentists?
s. s. white. search google images for copy of advertisement.

Who's slogan is A Diamond is Forever?
Considered one of the most popular slogans, the slogan 'A Diamond is Forever' is best associated with DeBeers. The company engraves this phrase on most of the products they sell.

What slogan is works wonders?
Double Diamond beer

What is the duration of Good Doctor advertisement?
The duration of Good Doctor - advertisement - is 70.0 seconds.

What is nestles slogan?
Their slogan is "Good Food, Good Life".

What is the good slogan for science and tecnology?
what is the good slogan for science

What is a good slogan ad for lanthanum?
what is a good slogan for Lanthanum

Who sings in dfs advertisement 2012?
i think it,s neil diamond

How do you trademark a slogan or advertisement gimmick Example Smart Button for Staples and Only the best stuff slogan for Snapple?
You would file an application for trademark with the US Patent & Trademark Office website

Voters wishing to determine the reliability of a candidate's campaign advertisement should pay particular attention to?
The appropriateness of the campaign slogan

Structure of a typical advertisement?
In general, an advertisement consists of five parts: headline,subheads,bodycopy, slogan,closing. They play different roles and serve different purposes and hence may not be equally important, but none is dispensable.

What is a good slogan for year 2009?
I think a good slogan for 2009 is 09 is so fine I think a good slogan for 2009 is 09 is so fine

What are good slogan for a burger restaurant?
what id a good burger kjng slogan

Slogan for endanger species?
its to good slogan

Brand name for a diamond is forever?
This slogan began with DeBeers in the 1930s.

Which advert used works wonders in its slogan?
Double Diamond beer

What is the cartoon slogan four a diamond?
Diamonds are a girls best friend

What would be a good slogan for Hera?
"Home is where Hera is" might be a good slogan for Hera.

A good slogan for the Bahamas?
the best slogan is the catchiest

What is a good slogan on environment in sanskrit?
the best slogan

Definition of a good advertisement?
A good advertisement must appeal to a mass audience. It must also be clear about the object it is advertising.

What does jingle and 카지노사이트쿠폰 slogan mean?
A slogan is a short statement, pitch or motto made during an advertisement. Examples: "Don't you wish everyone used Dial?" "Extra low prices everyday. Always." "Radio Shack. The technology store." "When EF Hutton speaks, people listen." A jingle is lyrics sung (or rapped) as part of a television, radio, or Internet advertisement, and it often contains a slogan or a message to get you to think about the product. Example: "We're here when you need...

What is a good slogan for copper?
Put your change on Copper is a good slogan for Copper. Similarly 'C' all the things 'U' can do with Copper is another slogan.

What is good slogan for scandium?
a good slogan for scandium is if you got flat hair use Scandium.ggg

What is a good slogan for a flower shop named Victoria's Flowers?
What is a good slogan for a botanical garden

What is a good slogan for the virginia colony?
A good slogan would be "the old domain." Pandas rock!

What is a good slogan for a jewelry and accessories store?
A good slogan could be "We've got you covered."

What is a good slogan for a clothing and accessories store?
"Fashion way of shopping" could be a good slogan.

What is a good slogan for online shop - Outlet?
An online shop with a good slogan can attract more shopper to shop. Good slogan like "Bee Creative" where an artistic shop can use it. The better slogan, the more customers would buy.

What is an slogan for bismuth?
What's a good slogan for the element bismuth

Which advertisement had the slogan 'its what your right arm is for'?
Courage Beer. Source: website

Where does this come from - Once you pop you can't stop?
This is an old Pringles advertisement slogan. More accurately it is, "Once you pop, you just can't stop."

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