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What nickname means i care about you but is a friend

What do you do if your friend is gay Clarissa Stroh (2020-02-16)

You can call them as your best friend. A friend you care for but only as a friend.

What does furias rohas mean?
It means "Red fury" a nickname for the spanish national team..... From a greek friend of the furias rohas. It means "Red fury" a nickname for the spanish national team..... From a greek friend of the furias rohas.

What was tonto's nickname?
Tonto's nickname for the Lone Ranger was "kemo sabe," which reportedly means ""faithful friend" in the Potawatomi language.

Who is the prophet that is known as the friend of Allah and what is his nickname?
Prophet Ibrahim (or Abraham in English). His nick name is Al-Khalil (that means in English the friend).

What a woman means when she says ill always care for you as a friend?
She will always like you as a friend, no matter what.

What the meaning of informal care?
It means care from a relative or friend as opposed to care from a professional nurse, caregiver or health representative.

What if your best friend who's a girl calls you babe?
The word 'babe' given to another is a fond nickname for either someone they love or care about.

What does the nickname lala mean?
the nickname lala means laurne or a really kool friend. lala is one of my bestis mates who goes out wiv another of ma bestis mates

What does it mean when a man says i do care about you?
It means he cares! About You! How is that complicated!? It means he is interested in whats happened when your upset or mad. He wants to make sure you are alright and happy. Like a friend... He thinks of you as a friend, that's what he means when he says he cares about you... he thinks of you as a friend

What does it means if he says i care about you but i don't want to be with you?
sadly i think it means just that! He cares about you as a friend but doesn't want to be in a relationship with you.

What makes a friend honest?
Friendship is the feeling of careing and belonging to someone. Being a friend means that you care about your friends, and will be kind and honest to them, no matter what.

How did Dr J get his nickname?
Got the nickname from a friend in High School

What is a good nickname for kristin?
Well my friend is called Kristen her nickname is krissi.

What does it mean when a girl uses the word sure?
It means they don't really care, and they have nothing better to do pretty much, say u asked a girl to be your friend and she says sure...., that means she doesn't care if your friends or not.

What is a good nickname for my friend Seth?
Sethly? Seth who? If it's Seth then you need no nickname, otherwise you already have a nickname, Seth.

What is the nickname for Bernadette?
Detta, for sure is a good nickname for Bernadette I have a friend who goes by Bernie.

Can you be your friend?
Being a friend to yourself is about being happy and comfortable with who you are and about taking care of your health. Being a friend to yourself generally means making choices that are beneficial to your well-being. NO IM JUST KIDDING

Why did Tiger Woods get his nickname?
His real name is Eldrick. His Dad called him Tiger, named after a good friend of his from the Vietnam War. The friends name was Nguyen which means Tiger.

You gave your friend that's a girl a nickname and she dosent like it and your friend and you keep caliing her it for fun but she only slaps you?
If it hurts her feelings, then don't give her that nickname. Especially if it's your friend. You don't want to hurt friends.

What is a good nickname for the name Shayla?
My friend Shayla goes by the nickname Shay, and sometimes we call her ShayShay.

What does it mean if your guy friend asks you what kind of things you care about and you ask him what he means and he says things like people?
Maybe he's trying to find out who you like? Either for himself or a friend.

What is Neil Armstrongs Nickname?
His nickname was supposably "Rurf". I don't know what it means though! Mabey it means rough?

What does it mean 'to care about someone'?
If you have a friend and this friend is unhappy or falls ill and this upsets you and you feel that you would like to help your friend, then you care about this friend.

What is a good nickname for Chloe?
I call my friend Chlo.

What is the Nickname for a GUY Friend?
You could just call him a friend, a groupie, a peep or a guyfriend (HAha!)

What is a cute nickname for your best friend?
ahah i call my best friend cookie dummybear3

If the guy you love is dating your best friend and you dont think you can trust your best friend anymore Should you tell the boy how much he means to you?
Yes you should, if you want him to know that you really do care.

Did Pocahontas have a NickName?
Pocahontas is her nickname. It means "little playful one."

What is a good friendly nickname?
The nickname has to fit the individual. Example: A female friend from the deep South could be called 'Belle' which means 'Belle of the ball' during the 1800's when they had cotillions. 'Belle' also means beauty. Example: A man that is short could be nicknamed 'shorty'; a man can be called 'JJ' for John Joseph; etc. The nickname has to come from you to fit that individual. 'Slim' is often used for a woman that...

Norma jeane bakers nickname?
dont no dont care

What is a cute nickname for a girl named cara?
Car or care...

What was Stalin's nickname?
stalins nickname is hsuorehv in Russian and it means person of battle

What does Wyoming nickname mean?
the nickname of wyoming means to be equal with other states

How did Scotland get its nickname?
Scotland is not a nickname. It is the name of the country. It means land of the Scots.

What does it mean when a guy ask your friend for your name and said he likes you when he have a friend for benefits but when your friend told him that you like him he acts like he doesn't care about u?
It means that he's not worth the drama, girl!! If a guy is making you think that hard he's not worth it!

What is a good nickname for a best friend?
i call my bestfriend Mooshi...

What is the best call to your friend?
Calling her/him by her/his real name or nickname

What can be the best nickname for your best friend?
buddy? pal? mate?

What is a nickname for the name Taylyn?
TayTay or Tay is how I call my friend.

How did Vermont get its nickname?
Vermont got its nickname because its real name is Mountagnes Vertes means Green Mountains, and that is its nickname.

What does it mean when a guy likes making you jump?
you need a new boy friend It just means that they like to get a rise out of you, as you are so easy to tease and pick at. It means that they care, though in an immature way.

Is Alice the Camel a good nickname for my friend Amir because he is from Egypt you know like the song you know the song yeah so is it a good nickname?
If your friend doesn't mind you calling them 'Alice the camel' then YES; if not then NO.

Can your love your best guy friend?
Yes, you can. It doesn't mean that you want to be with them. It means that you care and are concerned about them. Do not confuse it with the love that you would have for a boyfriend, fiance, or spouse.

What is the lyrics of A Friend In London?
that means u have a yellow but tht is also orange an y do u care why dont u huh huh huh

What is the origin of the nickname Ike?
Ike is a nickname of the Hebrew name Isaac which means laughter.

What does North Carolina's nickname mean?
North Carolina nickname means it has alot of tar.

What would be a good nickname for a guy that is just a friend?
I'd personally go with just friend, but your question was more specific so guy friend.

What does it mean when a friend says I don't care if your mom reads this?
Saying "I don't care if your mom reads this!" likely means the person knows what they wrote is wrong, but they "don't care", meaning they are challenging your mom's ability to do anything about it. HOWEVER, when a teen says that, they DO care (or why would it matter WHO reads it?). Your friend could be afraid. One way to stop this is to reply, "My mom does not need to see it to verify...

How do you deal with a friends girlfriend?
You have to teach your friends girlfriend great manners and see if you care of her and also if you care of your friend you should make him happy and don't make the girlfriend break up with him because your friend wouldn't talk to you anymore and if you don't show the girlfriend you have manners and care then she will think she has a awful weird boyfriend because of his friends ( this means...

How does a girl be a caring friend without leading boys on?
they can just be really nice and really care what other people feel like...not caring means that you might not be a really good friend...a girl doesnt have to be caring to lead boys on...they can do that in a different way but i really think that a girl can be sensitive and really care for others

What would be a good nickname for your best friend shawnee?
snicker doodle

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