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Earth Day 2018: 30 eco-friendly alternatives for things you use every day

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As I'm writing this, it isn't possible for millions of humans to live on Mars. The closest we've gotten so far is watching Matt Damon try to grow potatoes there in a futuristic space film. 

Because of that, many people are worried about how we treat the planet we already have, and with good reason. The alarming data surrounding climate change and depleted resources has forced the average person to consider their own footprint and ability to change. 

But while three-quarters of Americans are concerned about the environment, far fewer say they make an effort to live in a conscious way all the time. Only 1 out of 5 say they make an effort all the time. 

This might be because we always talk about climate change in the Arctic or other far-away places, or because we don't want to lose convenience, we don't know how to change, or we never get around to doing the research. 

However, when "1 out of 5" amounts to millions of people (and that's just the US), "never getting around to it" is a problem that adds up. Especially when you consider that that devil-may-care trouble-maker known as the Great Pacific Garbage Patch is now three times the size of France, the environment can no longer be treated as somebody else's problem.

And it's surprisingly simple to make positive, impactful change. Instead of using a K-Cup, swap it for Download Musikreusable coffee filter. Out of laundry detergent? Try one with natural ingredients. You don't have to subsist on whatever your backyard garden grows to make a difference or feel guilty that your trash doesn't fit in a mason jar. Even if you just make one change rather than turning your entire household eco-friendly overnight, you're doing something good.

If you want to replace everyday essentials with eco-friendly alternatives without any inconvenience, check out the 30 below: 

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