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How to throw a Dungeons & Dragons-theme bachelor party

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page1-76px-A_history_of_northeast_MissouAmanda Kooser/CNET It was a proud moment for me. My brother texted to say he was getting married and he asked me to be his best (wo)man. And then he told me it was going to be a "Lord of the Rings"-theme wedding. Oh yes. I'm fortunate to be a member of a geeky family that revels in everything from Star Trek to "Game of Thrones." My brother's name "Ara" is a shortened version of "Aragorn" from "Lord of the Rings."

I immediately googled "best man duties" and discovered I was responsible for planning the bachelor party. I knew what I wanted the theme to be: Dungeons & Dragons. We played D&D as kids. I remember poring over my brother's hardback game manuals and cheating the rolls as we built super-powerful character sheets to take on basilisks, elementals and floating eyes.

I looked online for inspiration, expecting a Pinterest bonanza of D&D party photos featuring dragon cupcakes and knightly decor, but to little avail. Like a lone fighter on a quest, I set out to design a party from scratch. I knew we would need a group activity, a dungeon, a gaming session and whiskeys of the world (this was a bachelor party after all).

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