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Why Hp Printer Offline?

HP Printer Keeps Showing Offline Status Laverne Logsdon (2020-02-08)

Hp printers are widely used by business professionals and school students to get their tasks more easily. Hp is a well-known and reliable company that formulates printers, devices, etc. It is common if it shows some technical glitches. But most of the users confront with Why Hp Printer Offline Error. When you need some important document and suddenly, it shows error Hp Printer Offline. Numerous of the people don’t know Why Hp Printer offline. To get your problem fix you can get in touch with the Hp printer technical support team who will assist you in Why Hp Printer Offline error. You just need to call at 888-358-6248.
Simple and Easy steps to resolve Why Hp Printer offline
Yes! There is an easy and simple way to fix the Why hp printer tech support printer Offline Error. You can take the guidance from the Hp printer Technical support team by calling them at 888-358-6248.

1. To remove why Hp printer Offline error, you need to reboot your printer by shutting it off and then starting it again. It will take some time to reboot it.
2. Check if the printer is attached to the computer and also has a network connection. Also, make sure that the link light appearing on the back of the printer is green.
3. Then, click the Start button and then went to "Devices and Printers" and then right-click on the printer.
4. Select the option "See What’s Printing" to get the Print Spooler Window and restart it.
5. Now, click on "Printer" and then, select the "Use Printer Offline" to eradicate the checkmark. Now, the printer should get Online. If it still shows Why Hp Printer Offline, then you need to proceed on the next step.
6. You may also need to reinstall the updated driver/ software from the official site to make the printer work.
7. Also, you may reset the default printer driver.
8. Try to select the right port for printer driver because sometimes when the IP address gets to change it shows the Error Why Hp Printer Offline.
9. You can also connect your Printer with another computer, sometimes the computer has some issues and it does not give a connection to your printer.
10. Another way can be you can change the setting of the printer.
11. Also, try to change the Properties of the printer because when you change the properties, it may sometimes make your Hp Printer back to Online.
Call at 888-358-6248 to fix Why Hp Printer Offline
If Why Hp Printer Offline error continues to trouble you, then you seek the assistance of experts who are skilled and qualified to fix Why Hp Printer Offline. We have a team of highly trained professionals who are available 24*7 to guide Hp printers. Get connected now! Or Call at + 888-358-6248.

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